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HOEM Fitness

Happy almost summer, HOEMies! We know that many of you will be working throughout the week this summer, so we wanted to accommodate this while still giving you some opportunities to get your blood flowing! Check out the new fitness schedule below and be sure to stop by the yoga studio to participate. Remember, all of our fitness classes are complimentary for HOEM residents!

HITT Cardio

Monday 7-8pm, HITT Cardio with Emma
The ultimate workout fusion class that integrates core, cardio, and coordination! You will challenge and strengthen your body and mind; exercises inspired by yoga, stretch and core work – leaving you feeling accomplished and energized!

Barre Fusion

Tuesday 5:30pm-6:30pm, Barre Fusion with Devan
Discover your perfect balance of muscle sculpting, cardio, stretching, yoga and use of the barre in this class! This is a total body workout from head to toe; this class is open to all levels.

Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday 6pm-7pm, Wellness Wednesday with Christine
These relaxation focused classes will allow you to move through basic poses, which encourage and facilitate the release of deep-rooted muscle tension. Wellness Wednesday’s include meditation and Saje essential oils!

Boot Camp

Thursday, 6-7 pm, Bootcamp with Olivia
Bootcamp is a full-body workout with an emphasis on mobility, stability, and strength in a fun, non-drill-sergeant environment. Gain body awareness and confidence! Deadlift, squat and press YOUR way to an even stronger you.

Pilates Core Flow

Friday 4pm-5pm, Pilates Core Flow with Devan
This class will start off with small, slow and gentle movements and builds into a strong and fiery class targeting arms, thighs, bum and abs. You will work your body in new ways to challenge your balance and strengthen muscles throughout your body.

Yoga Flow

Saturday 11am-12pm, Yoga Flow with Emma
Move through basic poses in a slow yoga flow. Within this class, there is an emphasis on proper alignment and activation of muscle groups. Hands-on adjustments and modifications are always offered. See you in the Yoga Studio, HOEMies!!

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