Summer Program

Don’t leave us! We’ll miss you… but if you do decide to move out for the summer months, our Summer Matching Program is there for you!

We’ve gotten a lot of interest from co-op students, language schools and summer students to stay with us over the summer. If you join our Summer Matching Program we will work diligently to find someone or an organization to cover your fees so you can move out!

How it works:

Starting August 26th, you can let us know that you’d like to move out over the summer.

Sign our Summer Matching Program agreement and pay the $200 Matching fee. This is to cover our marketing and turnover costs. Not to worry if we don’t find you a match we will refund your fee. If you choose to withdraw from the program before we find you a match your fee is non-refundable.

We will then consult our network of partners to find a match. A match doesn’t have to mean one person who will take your room for the whole summer it just means that we have confirmed we can cover the cost of your room. This may mean making an equivalent room available to a bunch of different students over the summer. We will match residents on a first come first served basis.

On May 5th you will leave your room. We will then reshuffle the rooms so that all Ryerson students who are staying over the summer remain together and incoming students will have their own pads.

Once we have confirmed a match for you, you will not be able to change your mind unless there is someone else in the program we have not found a match for. This is because we will have already promised your space to someone else and we can’t let them down either.

If you personally know someone who’d like to stay with us for the summer you can refer them to us and we will match them with you directly regardless of where you are in the queue.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!