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Our RAs and front desk staff can't wait to meet you and help make your year at HOEM one to remember! With student centred amenities and comfortable suite options, this is the student residence for you to live well, learn fully, and love student life!

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Focus on Wellness

At HOEM, your health and wellness are top of mind. Each of our amenities are specially designed to help enrich your body and soul as you work towards academic success.

Build Meaningful Connections

The experience of learning alongside peers is just as crucial as the degree you’re working hard to get. Live the student life at HOEM and build lasting friendships in the vibrant city of Toronto.

Conquer Your Courses

Attend class while living in Toronto and experience a thriving academic and social life in a health-conscious environment—regardless of the school you attend.

Meet the HOEM Team

Beth//General Manager
Paul//Building Operations
Amran//Student Experience Manager
Remy//Housekeeping & Cleaning Supervisor
Alex//Operations Manager
Cheryl//Student Life Manager
Skipper//Fearless Leader

Alanna On HOEM's Mental Health Support

HOEM has great outlets where we can talk about mental health in an open space.

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Francis On the International Student Experience

HOEM will make your child feel welcome and give them everything they need to succeed.

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Elle On the Community At HOEM

Being able to become a part of the HOEM community has allowed me to meet some of my best friends..

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Cheryl On Success At HOEM

This building is designed for students and it is designed to help you succeed in school and beyond.

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Gabby On HOEM’s Academic Perks

Being able to live in a community such as HOEM has allowed me to really focus on my work and make new friends.

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Tinashe On Resources At HOEM

In the building, we have a maker space that even has things like 3D printing and photoshop!

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Ryan On the First-Year Experience

The community is really amazing. There are so many amenities and it really gives you a great starting point for independence.

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Lauren On Being a Second Year at HOEM

Living at HOEM gave me the opportunity to live with roommates and experience all the fun of getting to know new people.

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