I heard the rental agreement was for 12 months?

It’s true. Lots of students stick around for the summer to take courses, have an internship, or just enjoy city life! We do offer some assistance if you’re looking to leave for the summer, but all students are required to sign a full year contract.

Can I get a room just for the summer?

Summer is a great time to live in Toronto. HOEM welcomes co-op students, language programs and summer students, of course this is all based on space so let us know as soon as possible. You can call the HOEM team directly for details. Also, check out all of the free concerts and festivals around the city when you’re here!

Is HOEM only for 1st year students?

No, HOEM is for all full time Ryerson Students who are actively taking courses. Everyone gets to live with us!

Can I live at HOEM for more than 1 year?

As the only option for students in every year at Ryerson, once you experience HOEM you’re never going to want to leave. Each year residents are required to re-apply and sign new contracts.

How are the prices listed?

Prices are per bedroom and by the week to give you a real picture of the cost. For the installment breakdown, see the fees page on the Ryerson Residence website here.

What is included in living at HOEM?

Life at HOEM includes continuous WIFI coverage throughout the building (of course), the gym and yoga room, twice monthly in-suite common area cleaning, co-working space, 24-hour building staff, and HOEM events every month.

How far is HOEM to Campus?

1 song if your headphones are in ? or, for those that are looking for actual numbers, we have a 98% walk score and are 6 min from the heart of campus.

Are the apartments furnished?

Heck, yea! Every apartment comes with a fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, sofa, coffee table, barstools or table and chairs, bed, desk, desk chair and dresser.

Is parking available?

For sure, we have parking for both your car (for a fee), or your bike.

Are Utilities Included?

No, utilities are not included because HOEM is a sustainably focused building. Utilities should average about $35 a month per resident. Also, Canadian students often qualify for OESP which offers a reduced cost for utility expenses. We’ll help you apply if you qualify!

Can I bring my pet?

Sadly, we only allow certified service animals because the apartments are shared spaces. ?

Is the building only for Ryerson students?

Yes, HOEM offers housing during the school term only for Ryerson students, but if there is space during the summer months, it is available to co-op and language students.

What if I don’t have a roommate?

Not a problem, when you apply Housing will ask a few specifically designed questions to give them an idea of the type of roommate you would work best with.

Will I have to leave when the school is closed in December?

No, HOEM doesn’t close during university breaks.

Where can I study at HOEM?

Because everyone has their own bedroom at HOEM you could study there. But if you prefer to study somewhere else than you could go to any of the 28 study rooms or lounges. HOEM also has a creative design and study centre called the Maker Space.

What about security?

The building has a 24/7 staffed front desk and there is key access required to get beyond the front lobby.